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what do you like
this is more to see what types of subject matter you might be interested in

no guarantee all requests will be accepted
requests with emotional content more likely to be accepted
for example
draw me a tree with one white cloud in the bright blue sky
draw me a tree that reminds me of a my childhood innocence before it was lost in this culture of hypocrisy and duplicity

no guaranteed deadlines
unless real money is involved
in which case it would depend on how urgently you need it and the intricacy of the request

no fee for causes and subject matters i believe in

Oh Glorious Morning! by jkrab first sundown in a while by Rona-Keller good life by Y4why Still warm. ... by PascalCampion

it may bring out the best in you
it may bring out the worst in you
your highest highs and your lowest lows
when you are your most caring and when you are your most selfish

may it make you passionate about life once again
make you grab hold on to the ride that is this life
ever enriching yourself with its experience

When boy meets girl by Hewnly C est pour toi by capitainecroc Serenity 2 by andyhutchinson Lights by CODEno-103  after the love has gone by ucilito 

ultimately we are intelligent enough to live alone
with no pressing need for anyone else
but our connections are what have brought humanity so far in our time on this earth
and our connections will enrich us exponentially in the short years to come

provided we don t destroy ourselves with hatred first

Let the Light Shine on Love by pinkparis1233 Tbilisi by birdofdecadence someone loves you by sararossi at the end... by PatrickWally

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
born in china
elementary school in michigan
middle and high school in new york state
college in massachusetts
currently working in software in washington state


the one ring
one ring

many have sought to possess it
some have killed for it
most have never managed to get their hands on it
and the ones who have
some among them have done truly terrible things with it

yet it is a mere tool
an instrument of power through which many things can be accomplished
whether for good
or for ill

or so i thought
those seven years ago
when i first slipped that ring upon my finger

yes it was a ring of power
but it was not the kind of power i had imagined

with this ring i would make this world a good place
a better place
or so i used to think

it was not so easy

yes the ring could control people
most everyone all the time
but there were some who operated partly outside the ring s influence
some in the shadows
some in the light
and some lost in the wilderness

they were not completely immune to the ring s powers
but if they moved fast enough
if they stayed hidden long enough
i soon found they could reach me before i could defend myself

and the ones in the shadows were watching
always watching
for they were forever drawn to the ring
even if they could not possess it

no more than a day after i gained the ring
i found myself already captured

behind the scenes
the men of shadows controlled my every move
for they already knew how to strike before i could use the ring
that s how they controlled the ring s previous owner as well

these seven years
these seven long years
i put on a brave face
went out into the world and pretended
pretended to try to make it better
but i failed
because i was ordered to fail
because i was ordered to use the ring to do the bidding of the shadowy ones

oh the ring is powerful
powerful indeed
it is still able to destroy the world
that i have seen with my own eyes

but the ring has its weakness
and the weakness is that i am unable to use it
to do good

that is not a property of the ring itself
it is a property of those who have learned to surround the ring
watch the ring
and live by the ring
like maggots and flies
Play by autogestion
that s supposed to be a balloon
but if you want to think of it as a guy throwing pizza dough
that s fine too =D

thrown together in fresh paint
edited with faststone
one of these days i m going to need more patience   :XD:
Awaits by autogestion
sketched with fresh paint at…
edited later with gimp
and noiseware

was hoping for more of a sense of adventure in this
not sure if i succeeded but…
Terra by autogestion
not a faithful rendition of anybody from…
but i was trying to think of something for my second fresh paint attempt
and figured why not

touched up in gimp and faststone
Pairing by autogestion

red for the blood of the dying man
screaming for life
black for the man in chains
surging towards freedom

detail of my first time trying fresh paint
exceeded my admittedly low expectations
i can see myself sketching with this again
touched up with gimp and faststone


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